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wow 2 women i like
November 17, 2014 04:51 PM PST
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chances of boyfriend/ girlfriend happening less than 20% . Chances of enjoying the possible thoughts? ... 100% as it already happened. i wish i was stupider

A Bus Traveler, Grand Canyon & update Moving to NC
November 04, 2014 09:49 AM PST
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A Bus Traveler, Grand Canyon & update Moving to NC

4 recordings connected.

i have nothing to hide,.,,,,,, Pilot EPISODE ----- THE FOUR LOVES by Brian VanDyke

“The Cards We Are Dealt.” [THIS SCRIPT has been written and it, along with this synopsis has been copyrighted]

Early A.M., Dave, a street-wise 25 year old, is in his Kansas City, MO apartment. He surprisingly finds that the girl he slept with the night before left her baby at his place and she’s gone. Thinking that it’s his first day of his new job at the school, he calls for help from his drug-dealing friend Joey in New Jersey. Finding no help there, Dave calls his new boss and says he’ll be there in a bit but hangs up before his boss says he actually wasn’t to come in until the next day.
Before school a routine is established as Paul, the Special Education teacher and established leader, and the staff and students head to school. Some of the youth’s characters and personalities are quickly shown in “let’s get to school” scenes.
After lunch, Monclair, a new staff (who’s lives in a drug re-hab center) can’t hide that she has a huge crush on her new boss, entices the busy Paul to join her and a few students in playing cards. We see, in several scenes broken-up throughout the rest of the episode, the personalities of very interesting students including Sarah, a large and very unstable girl. These “playing cards” scenes show how busy Paul is in dealing with students and staff, but also his gifts with them. In the hallway, a young inner city and street-wise student, Cally, is becoming angry and violent after being confronted about teasing a peer. He needs to be physically restrained by a competent, but a bit dimwitted staff Tom in an intense and full five minutes. [Most restraints are much longer and the entire process could and will take entire episodes.] We see the basic technique to take a kid down, but “expert staff” Kim notes to Paul that Tom didn’t do a proper release. “We should have released him slowly,” Kim complains. Paul says, “I know, but I also know Tom and Cally.” Tom has been Cally’s lead staff for years and knows when Cally just needs a hug afterwards.
We briefly see what it is like for Monclair at the halfway house and we are introduced to her strict and intense counselor, Rachel. Rachel is also Cally’s counselor at the school.
Paul and Kim lead a weekend seminar at a special education conference and Paul explains his “simple plans” to help these type of kids. Monclair is there and she is impressed. “All day, you will be giving the kids positive attention and you will be dedicated to the successful education and treatment of these kids.” But these students have conflicts with trying, with learning, with staff, with each other and they often get very upset at the simplest things. “Students will always be held accountable. The staff will not ignore anyone or anything. If it’s aggression or swearing or an insult, students must go to the SAFE AREA.” In his school there are several “safe areas” outside the classrooms. There are comfortable un-damageable chairs and exercise-pads around (to protect the youth when they are being restrained).
Some of the plan is shown in a safe-area scene with a student, Joseph, who has earned going to the high school half the day.
“A positive day is rewarded; a negative day is not.” Paul adds. “A hundred positive days may make up for one day from the past when this kid was smacked in the face by a strung-out parent. Maybe. Beyond that, if you stay at this type of job a while, this is the most important and rewarding profession you will ever have.” Paul also explains he used to thoroughly read student files but found them so disturbing that now he only deals with what he is given ---the cards he is dealt.
Dave, again thinking that today was his first day of work, winds up coming in three hours late only to get a fingerprint check (which he smugly smears, flirting with the secretary to hide his identity). He agrees to a second unpaid observation in the afternoon. He winds up connecting with Cally.
Dave has flashbacks of being in prison for statutory rape in New Jersey. He is as piss-pants scared as he will ever be. Dave’s evangelical preacher father surprisingly visits him in Jail. Dave finds out that he’s a new dad but that the very young woman has moved to Kansas City. The Reverend tries to say that they have something in common but doesn’t. That evening Dave’s mother calls and says “The Reverend” died of a heart attack, but he was really caught cheating with a young choirgirl and disappeared.
In another flashback, the out of prison Dave hangs out with the drug dealer Joey, who’s always on weed, in a poor inner-city neighborhood in New Jersey. A meatpacking plant recruits workers there and Dave is at first interested in the beautiful “model” handing out fliers. Joey thinks it’s all a joke, but Dave listens when he finds out there is a job in Kansas City. Joey gets Dave a new identity, as there is a background check. Dave wants to do right by his Mother who will not speak to him, find his son, and finally make it right. Within a week of moving to K.C. and cold-cutting meat, he can’t move one of his hands and quits.
Dave’s car stalls outside of Paul’s house and needing staff, Paul sizes-up Dave up as possibly good with kids, Paul asks, “You looking for a job?”
We see a flashback to the job interview between Paul and Monclair and this is where we see the spark of their potential love. In a tour, Monclair meets a flamboyant and flirtatious student, LeRoy DeJesus Washington.
We see a scene of Paul’s bad situation at home where his wife and step-kids seem to hate him, but he completely loves his two year old whom he seems to have to watch all the time--- he resists drinking booze when watching her.
We meet Monclair in flashbacks of addiction and her journey into hell. Monclair notices that Paul looked at her “differently” in the interview and is impressed with Paul’s competent handling of things.
LeRoy completely dedicates himself to Paul’s idea of raising money for a school trip to an amusement park. After school, he goes door-to-door with aggressive staff Patty to businesses and homes to raise money promising that students will do one extra page of Math per day for each dollar that is raised. LeRoy, as appealing as you can get for a kid, is tremendously successful and is earning enough for everyone’s admission, not just his own.
After earning the Mall activity and her treat, Sarah gets loud and inappropriate in the van. Sarah sees her sworn enemy LeRoy on the corner, swears, and as Paul stops the van, she violently hits Monclair for no reason. Monclair stunned, Paul assists Kim in putting Sarah into a basket-hold restraint in the van. We see how a student is released properly. Sarah calms down some and says she’s willing to walk the rest of the way home. Sarah gets away from the staff and runs and starts to strip her clothes off! LeRoy runs to a payphone and calls 911. Sarah’s quickly naked running in the middle of the street. The police stop Sarah before staff can catch up with her. Wearing a red Polo shirt and black Nike hat that day, LeRoy does a Tiger Woods “in the hole” hop and gesture and shouts, “All right, Momma!”
Dave gets a call at the end of the day and his friend Joey needs him to pick him up at the airport. Now Joey’s in town too. Monclair is offered a ride back to the halfway house by Paul.
End of episode one.

All will experience THE FOUR LOVES


For over 17 years I have worked with troubled youth and taught Special Education in all subjects to students with multiple disabilities -- all ages. Most had severe behavioral and learning disabilities. Many were low IQ students, juvenile delinquents, students in-and-out of the psychiatric hospital, but also with higher functioning students with mild disabilities. My philosophy has always been to provide a positive therapeutic environment where students WANT to succeed. I have enjoyed my career tremendously in a variety of settings. After a hiatus to take stock, help family & mend wounds, I am looking forward to new challenges in my field of expertise as a true leader.


Master of Science in Special Education---Behavioral Disorders, May 1996
University of Nebraska at Omaha GPA 4.0

Bachelor of Science in Education---Social Sciences, May 1989
University of Nebraska at Lincoln GPA 3.91

Teaching Certification

North Carolina Professional Educator's License Valid through 6/30/2017
Standard Professional I 89 S4 Social Studies 6-12 00400 78400 (Special Ed Cert TBD)

South Carolina Educator Certificate
Certificate Number: 247261 Valid through 6/30/2014
2I Special Education--- Mufti-Categorical I am working on re-certification.
20 Social Studies
1H Middle Level Social Studies

Nebraska Teaching Certificate (Level II—Standard) Valid through 8/31/2014
PRE--12 Special Education---Behavioral Disorders
7-12 Learning Disabilities
7--12 Social Sciences


Construction/ Various Handyman Self Employed Continuous & life-long
Various Part-time jobs in food service and custodial work.

Youth Worker II Children’s Square, USA Nov. 2011 to March 2012
6th & Ave E. Box 8-C, Council Bluffs, IA 51502 712-322-3700
Supervised and provided daily care to emotionally disturbed and mentally ill adolescence who lived in a residential treatment facility. Utilized therapeutic restraints when needed.

Special Education Teacher—8-12 Resource Teacher Aug. 2005 to June 2009
Scribner-Snyder Community Schools 400 Pebble Street, Box L, Scribner, NE 68057 402-664-2567
Taught pull-out and resource in all subjects for students in SPED in the 8th- 12th grade. Kept a parallel curriculum as much as possible. Built independence and self-advocacy in youth. Worked directly with parents and teachers in making appropriate modifications and accommodations to help student’s succeed. Independently managed up to 40 case-loads completing all legal paperwork. Completed 15 credit hours to finish Endorsement in Learning Disabilities and worked closely with University of Nebraska— Omaha professors.

Substitute Teacher Lincoln Public Schools Jan 2005 to June 2005
5901 “O” Street, Lincoln, NE 68510 402-436-1622
Substitute taught 4-5 times per week in all types of special and regular education classes. Mostly in Resource Rooms/ Behavioral Disorders, and Social Studies. Also experienced in Elementary grades.

Special Education Teacher Kid’s Hope America Jan 2004 to Aug 2004
215 N Milwaukee Ave, Lake Villa, IL 60046 847-356-2391
Taught all subjects in the residential treatment center’s school program for severe behavioral disorders for high school aged students. Followed local school district’s curriculum to facilitate graduation. A Boy’s Town Model for social skills was used. Utilized therapeutic restraints when needed. Managed IEP case plans. Worked closely with school psychologist and families.

Special Education Teacher Envisions Level III School Aug 2000 to Jan 2004
407 Norfolk Ave, Norfolk, NE 68701 402-371-1147
Independently ran the group home's school program for severe behavioral disorders. Developed all curriculum, class structures, behavior plans & created level systems that still exists. Maintained a very positive therapeutic environment for up to 30 staff and students at the majority of the time. Most of these students could not function in the area’s other alternative schools and thus it is at the highest level of care in Nebraska for severe behavioral disorders outside of a hospital setting. Utilized therapeutic restraints when needed and I am very capable of working with aggressive youth. Successfully integrated students into less restrictive settings. Taught up to 17 students, aged 8-21, writing and carrying through with IEP goals. Most students lived in group homes or foster homes, but some lived with parents. Students were primarily labeled Behavioral Disordered, but many had cross handicaps in Autism, LD & MR. I guided the growth of the program from 3 to 17 students in 3 ½ years. I personally supervised up to 12 full-time and five part-time/sub paraprofessionals. Worked closely with student counselors, group home staff & supervisors, social workers, and families.

Resource Room/ Learning Disabilities Teacher Feb 2000 to May 2000
Ezard Schools 209 S. Shiloh Ave, Conway, MO 65632
Temporary position. Taught Language Arts and Math to 2nd to 6th grade students with learning disabilities and mild behavioral issues. Managed IEP case plans.

Special Education Teacher Dysart High School Aug 1998 to May 1999
11405 N Dysart Rd, El Mirage, AZ 85335
Created and established a new public school’s behavioral management/ resource program for 9th-12th grade. Taught all subjects supervising two aids. Managed IEP case plans.

Special Education Teacher Children’s Square USA Aug 1993 to May 1998
6th & Ave E. Box 8-C, Council Bluffs, IA 51502 712-322-3700
Taught Social Studies, Math, Life Skills and PE to emotionally disturbed and mentally ill adolescence who lived in a residential treatment facility. Utilized therapeutic restraints when needed. Essential in the development of a behavioral level system for entire program. A leader (of 4) in the direction of the behavioral skills program that still exits.. My classroom had from 5-8 students at a time and I supervised two aids. Created and published the school’s newspaper. Managed IEP case plans. Worked closely with Group Home staff & supervisors, social workers, and families.

Star Wars Adam Carolla Nintendo Wii and moving
October 27, 2014 08:47 PM PDT
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Personal update

The Etymology of Jesus H. Christ
October 27, 2014 07:08 PM PDT
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The Etymology of Jesus H. Christ

by Peter Kirby (May 11, 2003)

Question: What is the origin of the H. in the phrase, Jesus H. Christ? There is no great mind which has not but come to rest on this important question. It is a question which every man must consider in the course of his education, and the answers discovered are as varied as the approaches taken.

The child brought up in a home of prayer, on first hearing the expletive from his father's lips, need only look to the words of the Our Father for the explanation: "Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Harold Be Thy Name."

A young man who has studied the principles of biology, in contemplating the holy mystery of the Virgin Birth in the light of reason, will inevitably conclude that the H. stands for none other than Haploid, a distinction conferred only upon God's Son of all men, that He would not have the taint of Original Sin.

The theologian will undoubtedly be familiar with "IHS," which stands for the Latin phrase "Jesus Hominum Salvator," which means Jesus, Savior of Man. Note that the J, as a separate character from the I, is only a few centuries old. This trigraph is frequently found in medieval and Renaissance art.

An historian may be familiar with the tale that, before an important battle in 312, the Emperor Constantine saw vision of the cross in the sky and heard a voice saying that he would conquer "under this standard" or "in this sign." The Latin words would be "in hoc signo," which abbreviates to IHS.

The Greek scholar will look to the Greek letters for Jesus: "iota eta sigma omicron upsilon sigma," which is variously transliterated IHSOYS or IHCOYC, the latter when converted to Latin letters using the common curved sigma variant. If one takes the first three letters as initials, it is not difficult to derive "Jesus H. Christ."

The Judaic scholar can supply the reason for taking the first three letters. This is the practice of using standard abbreviations for sacred names, or nomina sacra, accompanied by a horizontal line as a warning that the words cannot be pronounced as written. The two most common forms are abbreviation by suspension, which is to use the first two letters, and abbreviation by contraction, which is to use the first and last letters.

A scholar of manuscripts noted that such abbreviations in early Christian fragments take the form IS, IH, or IHS when writing the Greek name Jesus. This would provide the basis for clever Latin writers later to make this sacred abbreviation of the name Jesus into a three letter acronym, a sort of pun, including "In Hoc Signo" and "Jesus Hominum Salvator."

The earliest writer to speculate on the initials of Jesus is the author of the 2nd century "Epistle of Barnabas" (9:6-7). In Lightfoot's translation, "Learn therefore, children of love, concerning all things abundantly, that Abraham, who first appointed circumcision, looked forward in the spirit unto Jesus, when he circumcised having received the ordinances of three letters. For the scripture saith; And Abraham circumcised of his household eighteen males and three hundred. What then was the knowledge given unto him? Understand ye that He saith the eighteen first, and then after an interval three hundred. In the eighteen 'I' stands for ten, 'H' for eight. Here thou hast JESUS (IHSOYS). And because the cross in the 'T' was to have grace, He saith also three hundred. So He revealeth Jesus in the two letters, and in the remaining one the cross."

A man who has wondered about the origin of the sacred middle initial, who has traced the etymological thread back to its ancient spool, and who has detailed the findings of his serious inquiry, may take a moment to reflect upon the nature of the question, a question that he has expended great efforts to understand.


Jesus H. Christ! if anyone listened to my pod .....true Expression..... please send a hi to my or here.

to have fun, listen..... to the mom from en England....

Best girl song ever?
October 27, 2014 05:39 PM PDT
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test for # of listeners ... still great pop song all credit.

12 years a slave movie
October 26, 2014 05:51 PM PDT
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12 years a slave movie

i am a hard one to know. i know too much; know my sins..... day to day.

music podcast 20
October 23, 2014 04:14 PM PDT
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summary of best.. fav. music of all time. sound quality poor... choice of music 100%. kate.... i bow. all i ever do 100% spontaneous. call.

ketchup and an accent
October 23, 2014 02:16 AM PDT
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hot voice, not mine

650 walking dead
October 22, 2014 05:48 PM PDT
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for All new podcasts & song: Celia's love song
April 27, 2014 11:33 PM PDT
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All new podcasts go to:

again, for All NEW podcasts go to:

for older podcasts: just scroll down

My great love story is told in a podcast. My Story is what happened to me in February 2002 -- the basis of my screenplay, "The Four Loves." Here is the direct link to the audio/ podcast: NOTE the audio quality is very bad ONLY for the first 2 minutes

Email me at If you'd like to read my 100 page screenplay .... or at least read the first 10 pages.

Well, what is this song? My name is Celia's love song....the real info...Music group: Splashdown ... Their song: "The Archer." For this song and more from this group go to this link on YouTube

Art: My oil painting currently residing on my wall right behind my head shows my study -- his drawing, my interpretation of it -- of Maurice de Vlaminck's La ballerina del ‘Rat mort’ (1906, Parigi, private collection). Badly, online I have seen this painting flipped with the woman looking the other way; not always, but according to mt book, Jason's Storie of painting, I have iher the right direction. This page online has a nice variety of boozy woman in the Talous LaTrek era of te Moulan Rough of Paris circ 1880 to 1910. Te Fauvist movement in Impression ism. ...and maybe sher face looks like Celia's a bit but painted 8 years before I met her....

Value: $300,000 I will give this one to my daughter Madeline... but I will take $1000 for it.

for me directly, Brian VanDyke B.S. M.S (Specializing in Special Education -- Behavioral Disorders & Learning Disabilities),

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