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podcast #1 podcast 3 stories
August 21, 2014 01:48 AM PDT
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This is very retro------ from march 2011----- 3 true stories in 25 minutes-- audio recording

Remember, this is a comedy podcast overall--- true act, personal confession and analysis of the world. So if you listen to me for more than five minutes, you will ether like me or think I'm disgusting. Oh, and this was after about 6 drinks..

641 Update and Bucket list
August 21, 2014 01:17 AM PDT
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Update and Bucket list

#640 Update after surgery
August 05, 2014 03:16 PM PDT
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Basic update and a little about TV show Homeland & The Doors.

#629 What Really Happened on Mother's Day 2014 and How My Family is Mean
July 22, 2014 09:28 AM PDT
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Things change, shit happens, and I appreciate my brother will help me spend more times FASTER with my kids with me being ambitious again and having some specific short-term goals.

But, never use my words against me unless you know everything. If fact I said it to my brother on about May 1st something like, “... and you're God. God, you, is telling me to leave where I live, have lived, my dad's house as much as my mom's, in a month, or you'll call the police.” Hanged up by me to ridiculousness, but then I realize there are many factors too; my brother's self-interest, not mine, not moms being wrapped up in it. I thought a lot more of my brother... now i do all... throw my dress shirt on grass''' not visit me in a 2 night say in hospital... you smoking cigars on the porch with beer.., well ahead seen. .... who, Mary?... took the call from my surgeon(s), I called and it was not mom... mom loves me... she said so a few hours later she missed me.

Who ''doesn't get it?'' i give away things at garage sales.... your assumption of sabotage 100% made up by you. even mom said , '' don't rush me,''... ..... plan actually was Aug 1 ****your made up shit was self centered bullshit.... mom is innocent... you sinned.

You three are not the nice people you claim you are and are hypocrites like those Jesus chastised at the Temple. You can use the Golden Rule and chose love instead of hate then celebrate what life is really about:


P.S. If the smokers in this family get cancer, I will never say "You deserve it and brought it on your self." Here is the kicker. In Kidney cancer's top 10 causes, alcohol is not there, smoking is. Dad died of what? I was lucky and blessed to have the cancer caught early. So ... any apologies coming my way? No, you're all too proud, thus yrrrr asses and mean.

for All new podcasts & song: Celia's love song
April 27, 2014 11:33 PM PDT
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All new podcasts go to:

again, for All NEW podcasts go to:

for older podcasts: just scroll down

My great love story is told in a podcast. My Story is what happened to me in February 2002 -- the basis of my screenplay, "The Four Loves." Here is the direct link to the audio/ podcast: NOTE the audio quality is very bad ONLY for the first 2 minutes

Email me at If you'd like to read my 100 page screenplay .... or at least read the first 10 pages.

Well, what is this song? My name is Celia's love song....the real info...Music group: Splashdown ... Their song: "The Archer." For this song and more from this group go to this link on YouTube

Art: My oil painting currently residing on my wall right behind my head shows my study -- his drawing, my interpretation of it -- of Maurice de Vlaminck's La ballerina del ‘Rat mort’ (1906, Parigi, private collection). Badly, online I have seen this painting flipped with the woman looking the other way; not always, but according to mt book, Jason's Storie of painting, I have iher the right direction. This page online has a nice variety of boozy woman in the Talous LaTrek era of te Moulan Rough of Paris circ 1880 to 1910. Te Fauvist movement in Impression ism. ...and maybe sher face looks like Celia's a bit but painted 8 years before I met her....

Value: $300,000 I will give this one to my daughter Madeline... but I will take $1000 for it.

for me directly, Brian VanDyke B.S. M.S (Specializing in Special Education -- Behavioral Disorders & Learning Disabilities),

The Greatest Love of my Life ....go to a new site for new podcasts
May 30, 2014 10:00 PM PDT
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The Greatest Love of my Life

Direct to new podcast:

The VanDyke Stories Podcast ....part 2

Cool, I took an interest in comedian Kevin Nealand as NOW he follows me on twitter. Nealand, my one of five followers; true but sounds like a joke...

Tweet me @68057

#156 --- Jury Duty
April 27, 2014 10:48 AM PDT
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The VanDyke Stories podcast ---z156--- Jury Duty-- revised. (Also a story as a special ed teacher for severe behaviors and my painting of the Australian Merchant flag--- it really does fit together.) -

#620--- Don't Pass Me Bye
April 26, 2014 04:03 PM PDT
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Don't Pass Me Bye. The Beatles song sung by Ringo on thier self-titled White Album.

I just found out I had 3 follow requests-- all over a year old-- other poetasters I listened to a bit. Maybe one OR SOMEONE can follow me??

I am at Twitter at @v68057

Art: I did a few sketch cartoons for the school newspaper I
Published with my Social Skills class when I was a Special Education Teacher circa 1992-1998
If you print-out copies they are free ... 10 cents each for print-outs if I do it for you; you pay for the Stamps too.

Don't Pass Me Bye

#86- Hitler and the American Presidents commentary
April 22, 2014 03:36 AM PDT
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The VanDyke Stories Podcast - Hitler and the American Presidents commentary.

"''''''' This is told like a college professor not the Progressive Democrat I am. !!!

NOTE: Even though I mention One ok thing about Rush Limbaugh in the first minute....don't turn this off. The Rush is a Fucking asshole who uses ideology to keep the rich rich, catering to the stupid Republican base & retarded Tea Party. All it takes to turn into a Democrat for those idiots is to loose your job and cant find a new one, or sometimes tragically loose or cant get health insurance! Obama-care is great but those 30 mostly red states are run by Republican Governors interested in a backward ideology rooted in self centered politics; they are immoral not to expand Medicaid to the working poor. Heath care is a moral right and should be free for all; guns are constitutional, but stupidly exists in toady's USA. from a few years ago..............

My favorite course of study has always been history, My Bachelor's degree is in History & Political Science / Secondary Social Science Education.


#608 The Death of Larry Miller pt 7-- ----chaper 85 told by the President of EartM
May 30, 2014 10:00 PM PDT
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The VanDyke Stories Podcast -chapter 85 told by the President of Earth
Mr. Brian VanDyke

from the audiobook:
The Death of Larry Miller in 2065. What? ...Larry's last words, "...You call that a double?" mysteries reveled....but, what about #607 ---the battery dead...
for a super fan.... after lost audio, i wrote these notes for pt.6 chapter 84...Krysten Ritter as Chloe, the eponymous "Bitch in Apartment 23". She is an amoral and shameless con artist, party girl, and swindler.


#607-- The Death of Larry Miller-- in 2065--pt 6--- ch 86--- an economics and capitalistic Nobel prize--bowling--ms Krysten Ritter guest and fill in for the sleeping Larry- lary asleep or is it a comma-- bald Bryan's head 4 feet in diameter-- and he gets the biggest office in the moon building pretending he id dead in quad computer voice-- you will here a female computer voice -- this id Allison -- chief facts checker for mr vandyke and his personal jewish assistant foe about 35 years—looks exactly the same , late 3os-- pic will be of allison and ms ritter--jo koy ex-- baldies on the moon with w buffet--neb cloud city—DC a state – 50 stars--state full of buildings--everyone is a Jennifer—Ben Afflic and Transformers pt 57 starring in # 8-57---Carolla Digital-- the final official The VanDyke stories podcast day before funeral-- Sept 5 2065-- Larry dead in 2066 alone, fat--

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